Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas



Oil and Gas Project Solutions

RK Energy offers standardized product lines and custom solutions expertly engineered for the oil and gas industry. With combined industry experience of over 50 years, our team is highly responsive and can meet short lead times that support midstream and downstream flow.

Natural Gas Liquid Recovery
JT skids; mechanical refrigeration; absorption; stabilization

PIG Launchers and Receivers

Oil Meter and Quality Buildings
Lease Acquisition Custody Transfer (LACT) units; Acquisition Custody Transfer (ACT)units; metering skids; oil quality buildings and building enclosures

Salt Water Disposal Buildings
Transfer pump systems; injection; truck loading and off-loading

Electrical Buildings
Control; power distribution; emergency power; solar; power generation and paralleling; instrumental air

Hydrocarbon Skids
Pump skids and buildings, manifold skids and buildings

Industrial Gas Systems
CO2 injection buildings, gas compressor packages, high ethane recovery, vapor recovery units, dehydration systems, BTEX processing skids, CO2 scrubbers, gas scrubbers, heater treaters, two-phase and three-phase separators, sulfur treatments, microelectronic high-purity tubing, biofuel skids, de-watering skids, vessels; ASME pressure for separators; sandtraps, flares