LACT Skids

LACT Skids

LACT Skids

LACT Skids that prove the first time… and every time.     

RK Energy Skid Assembly

When our modular, prefabricated LACT skids arrive at your sites, they’re contained, ready-to-go and require minimal set-up. We deliver them directly to your sites and provide turn-key management of installation and start-up. Eliminate the time and cost of building them on site and avoid delays due to bad weather. You gain a competitive edge: our indoor fabrication in a quality-controlled facility results in better quality LACT skids at a lower overall cost. Plus, quick start-up reduces manpower and construction costs.

They are prefabricated, but can be customized to client specifications when needed. We offer three grades of LACT skids to meet your needs. Our expert engineering and CAD team can revise LACT Skid specs when needed. No matter how much you customize them, our stringent quality standards still apply. Customization allows clients to meet budget constraints or use products from preferred vendors. It’s our attention to your details that sets us apart. Best of all, we abide by strict API standards. They will prove again and again.

Advantages of prefabricated LACT Skids.

Our reliable, modular, indoor construction process for LACT skids increases installation speed and reduces the costs of on-site construction. By using the latest technology, we’re able to duplicate the precision and efficiency of each LACT Skid from site to site. Advantages include:

  • Reduces overall cost and mitigates risk
  • Streamlines project delivery
  • Design / build and preconstruction support, if needed
  • Shortens CAD times
  • Durable construction quality
  • Minimizes weather-related delays
  • Smaller construction footprint
  • Reduces contractors and home office support
  • Controlled environment allows year-round operation
  • Fabrication, assembly and start-up completed quickly by one team