Video – What We Do

Video – What We Do

Video - What We Do

Video – What We Do

Video – What We Do



Henderson Facility Open House – Feb. 26, 2016
The FAB Open House event hosted by RK on February 26, 2016 was a great success with a final count of 95 guests. Attendees were invited to take a tour of the Henderson shops and office, listen to business unit presentations and network with RK employees. WATCH>>


Meet RK
RK gives construction, industrial and commercial clients a powerful single source for mechanical contracting, custom manufacturing, steel fabrication, prefabricated construction, facilities maintenance services, electrical work and water treatment solutions. WATCH >>


RK Service
Building owners, property managers and facilities managers rely on RK Service to ensure that facilities run smoothly, tenants are satisfied and occupants are comfortable. We have over 50 service technicians and our on-call service is available 24-7 to keep any type of commercial or industrial property up and running. WATCH>>


RK Steel
RK Steel offers end-to-end steel fabrication and installation. We help general contractors, building owners and commercial customers to plan, fabricate and install all types of steel, including structural, miscellaneous building components like stairs and rails, and custom metal components for any industry. WATCH>>


RK Energy
RK Energy delivers custom solutions and field support services for oil and gas, mining, coal, renewables, electrical distribution, data storage and other industries. We specialize in prefabricated facilities and skidded equipment that are constructed off-site and quickly assembled on-site, saving time and money. WATCH>>


RK Water
RK Water services all steam boilers, open condenser and closed-loop systems. We also perform cooling tower maintenance, filtration system installations, water equipment maintenance and laboratory water analysis. WATCH>>


RK Mission Critical
Discover how Centercore™ data centers offer the best of both worlds: a traditional construction process with all the benefits of modular. RK Mission Critical offers the Centercore™ solution and has an agreement to fabricate, install and service these data centers. WATCH>>