Scheduling Engineer

Scheduling Engineer

Scheduling Engineer


The Scheduling Engineer will generate detailed scheduling information so that the Superintendents and Project Managers can sufficiently and efficiently track and plan the projects. This individual will facilitate the scheduling process with Project Superintendents, Estimating, Design and Engineering using project planning documents and input from the interdepartmental planning process as a basis for developing the project schedules. They will obtain input from project team members, subcontractors, suppliers and client to support the development of a baseline schedule, and subsequently to update schedule progress and forecasting. Evaluate schedule alternatives and construction practices to support project changes. The Scheduling Engineer will provide Critical Path Method (CPM) scheduling and project controls through developing, analyzing, updating and monitoring project schedules and other project reporting procedures. The role is responsible for utilizing standard industry scheduling methods and software to develop, monitor, and report the progression of construction projects such that our clients are informed quickly and accurately of project events, potential problems, and corrective actions.


  • Facilitates scheduling process with Project Superintendents, estimating, design and engineering.
  • Develop Baseline and monthly project schedules including schedule of values, cost accounting and budget controls.
  • Schedule of values for cost accounting and budget controls DCA.
  • Provide project controls services, including scheduling and cost control.
  • Skilled in project risk/claims management.
  • Provide site management information regarding manpower, equipment and material forecasts.
  • Status meetings, provide progress reporting documents and briefing materials.
  • Obtain, review and comment on contract schedules.
  • Analyze contract schedule durations to understand feasibility.
  • Create and maintain company production report that identifies start dates and production completed.
  • Alert management and all departments of critical delivery dates.
  • Provide clear, accurate and complete scheduling data to Project Team to accomplish the schedule and updates to properly convey project status.
  • Manage the schedule change management process.
  • Be able to communicate potential problems detected while updating schedules.
  • Assist, as needed internal team with short interval scheduling.
  • Critical Path Method (CPM) Scheduling.
  • Preliminary Schedules.
  • Linear Schedules.
  • Periodic Scheduling Updates.
  • Planned and As-Built Analysis Schedules.
  • Resource and Cost Loaded Schedules.
  • Construction Project Acceleration.
  • Schedule Delay Analysis and Quantification.
  • Total Float Management.
  • Time Impact Analysis.
  • Window Analysis.
  • Critical Chain Method Analysis.
  • Linear Schedule Analysis.
  • Collapsed As-built.


  • College/University graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, Finance, or a similar field and 7 years relevant experience or equivalent combination of skills and experience generally expected for specified technical roles.
  • Experience as a liaison to groups within and outside of an organization with responsibility to act independently regarding matters pertaining to his/her function.
  • Supervisory and guidance experience related largely to overall objectives, critical issues, new concepts and policy matters.
  • Experience making decisions independently regarding complexities and methods.

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