BNN Water Solutions/Tallgrass Energy Saltwater Disposal Skid

BNN Water Solutions/Tallgrass Energy Saltwater Disposal Skid



BNN Water Solutions/Tallgrass Energy Saltwater Disposal Skid

BNN Water Solutions was acquired by Tallgrass Energy in 2014 to complement its existing assets. BNN owns and operates more than 260 miles of water supply and gathering pipelines in addition to other water supply, storage, recycle, and disposal assets, making us one of the largest independent operators of water infrastructure in the industry. RK […]

Texas Beef Feedyard

Texas Beef is an integrated ranching, farming and cattle feeding business. RK Water helped their feedyard gain significant energy savings and equipment preservation by fine-tuning their water treatment program. Tis image shows the “fire-tubes” in this type boiler are clean and scale-free, proving that RK Water’s treatment program is working effectively. The boiler creates steam […]

Central Plant Mission Critical Data Center

The Central Plant Mission Critical Data Center houses a 100,000 sq-ft mission critical Tier III data center. The remaining 900,000 SF is used for technical support and administrative space. The massive twenty building complex also includes water treatment facilities, chiller plants, electric substation, fire pump house, warehouse, vehicle inspection facility, visitor control center, and sixty […]

Microsoft CY01 Data Center

The Microsoft CY1 data center consists of data storage and administrative space and is intended to support Microsoft’s growing cloud computing efforts. Strategically located in the mountain west, Wyoming serves as an ideal home for the new facility thanks to the area’s cool climate and access to abundant energy. RK Mechanical performed all of the […]

Salt Water Disposal Building

RK Steel and RK Energy worked together to fabricate and deliver a paneled, welded, steel building structure for water injection, meeting a tight eight-week delivery timeline. The modular building was configured with a bridge crane, chemical treatment, filters and one multi-stage injection pump, capable of pumping 7,000 BBL/day at 1,300 psi working pressure. The internal piping was fabricated from […]

Pig Launchers and Receivers

RK Energy fabricated and transported a fleet of pig launchers and receivers for a North Dakota oil and gas customer. These components are installed on pipelines to safely and effectively launch and remove “pigs,” which are responsible for cleaning and maintaining the pipeline. RK Energy completed the order according to a demanding schedule and exceeded client expectations […]

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