Outdoor Prefabricated Data Centers

Outdoor Prefabricated Data Centers

Outdoor Prefabricated Data Centers

Outdoor Prefabricated Data Center Construction

RK Mission Critical specializes in prefabricated modular data center construction. We build your data center off-site in our quality-controlled fabrication facility and then quickly assemble it on-site at your location. This accelerates the construction schedule and yields financial benefits due to faster depreciation. We also offer complete MEP solutions, including skidded mechanical solutions, skidded electrical rooms and more.
Our facilities use the same materials, and are designed to the same standards, as facilities built on-site by traditional construction methods. They have the same look, feel, stability and design flexibility of traditional construction—yet offer the consistent quality that results from a controlled fabrication environment.

The scalability of this method allows organizations to rapidly expand their data centers to match changing IT requirements. Customers benefit by only paying for the amount of space they need when they need it, preserving CapEx, maximizing efficiency, and resulting in a lower total cost of ownership.

Prefabricated modular data center construction benefits:
• Lower total cost of ownership
• Capital preservation due to build-on-demand model
• Financial benefits from accelerated depreciation
• Reduces stranded assets in power, cooling or space
• Allows for complete customization
• Significantly reduces construction time
• Open design: technology and vendor agnostic
• Improved energy efficiency
• Scalable: add units like building blocks
• Self-contained with hardened shell
• Flexible density and redundancy
• Contiguous IT space
• Predictable quality control
• Future proof

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