Mechanical Solutions

Mechanical Solutions

Mechanical Solutions

Skid-mounted Mechanical and Cooling Units


Skid-mounted HVAC and cooling equipment is fabricated in our facility and easily installed at yours. Skidded prefabricated cooling and computer room air conditioning (CRAC) units are easier and faster to build into your project than traditional build-out and the associated installation.

We’re heating and cooling system experts.
RK Mechanical is our mechanical contracting business unit that fabricates and installs the mechanical systems, including HVAC, sheet metal, plumbing and piping. Our team can rely on their cooling system expertise for all data center cooling needs.

Skidded mechanical cooling units make construction easier:

  • We use CAD and project planning to design equipment to your specifications
  • Our construction expertise means we know how to best secure skids to the structure
  • We can handle all installation and start-up
  • We offer Planned Maintenance Agreements for on-going cooling system service and repairs

Whatever type of heating or cooling system you need, whether for new construction or a renovation, we can design it to your specs and use prefabrication for a faster, cleaner install.

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