Indoor Data Centers

Indoor Data Centers

Indoor Data Centers

Indoor Modular Data Centers Offer Building Block-Style Flexibility


RK Mission Critical specializes in indoor prefabricated modular data center construction in which we build data center modules off-site in our quality-controlled fabrication facility and then quickly assemble them on-site at your location. We also offer complete MEP solutions, including skidded mechanical solutions, skidded electrical rooms and more.

Indoor data center modules are ideal for colocation providers as they are proportionately expandable to customer demand. This solution is perfect for existing data centers that want a scalable expansion method that’s fast and increases density and efficiency over standard raised-floor and cage build-outs.

Units are deployed as IT demands grow. Not only is this method more efficient than traditional build-out, is also provides as separate and secure space for individual customers. And unlike most container-type solutions, we can fully customize the size of the units as well as the IT and cooling system specs.

Prefabricated modular indoor data center benefits:

  • Make more money off your space: More power in fewer square feet
  • Capital preservation due to build-on-demand model
  • Reduces construction build-out time
  • Units offer customers / renters separate, secure space
  • Open design: technology and vendor agnostic
  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Scalable: add units like building blocks
  • Flexible density and redundancy
  • Contiguous IT space
  • Predictable quality control
  • Future proof

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