Products and Solutions

Products and Solutions

Products and Solutions



Modular Data Centers

Today’s rapidly changing technologies require companies to design, build, deploy and operate more complex mission critical data infrastructure than ever before. Working with RK Mission Critical, data centers are designed in collaboration with our customers utilizing our library of reference designs, built off-site in our quality-controlled manufacturing facility and integrated on-site. Customers will benefit from faster deployment, predictable performance, lower financial and operational risk, reduced CapEx and OpEx cost, reduced construction time, improved quality, a reliable model built up front, and lower risk associated with skilled labor shortages. From crypto mining to data center campus,’ micro data centers and edge data centers, customers benefits from RK Mission Critical’s elite manufacturing capabilities.

Data Center Modules

RK Mission Critical’s data center modules are manufactured off-site in a quality-controlled manufacturing facility and delivered ready to “plug and play,” allowing connection to the location site infrastructure in a matter of days. Indoor data center modules are ideal for co-location providers preserving CapEx by allowing progressive growth aligned with customer demand. Modules are also ideal for existing data centers that want a scalable expansion method that is fast, incremental and allows for implementation of new and emerging technologies. The modular approach addresses the needs today and in the future.

Modular MEP Solutions

Energy efficiency is a key requirement for all industry segments today with cooling having the most impact on cost and efficiency. Leveraging over 50 years of RK custom-engineered and industry leading MEP solutions, our team is considered experts in precision cooling systems. RK Mission Critical provides the most complete line of MEP products and services available from a single source manufacturer. Our solutions provide higher efficiencies and lower energy costs in an environment of minimal complexity. Our modular and skid-mounted HVAC and cooling solutions are designed, engineered and manufactured off-site and arrive ready to be easily installed at our customer’s location. Our construction expertise means we know how to best design, construction, deliver and install the solutions for you.

Modular Electrical Enclosures

Highly efficient electrical systems are a priority for any facility especially in areas of power distribution and UPS systems. RK Mission Critical provides the design and manufacturing of Power Distribution Centers (PDCs), Power Control Centers (PCCs) and Electrical Equipment Houses (E-houses). These are custom-engineered environmentally controlled pre-fabricated enclosures designed to accommodate and protect switchgear, MCCs, VFDs, DC systems, UPS, SCADA and power management systems.  These enclosures are manufactured off-site in a quality-controlled manufacturing facility and delivered ready to “plug and play” with all of the required certifications, and connected quickly to the electrical distribution system at the customer’s location. Our technical solution engineers will develop a custom designed electrical modular solution in collaboration with the design team or the specifications.

Modular Boiler Rooms and Mobile Boiler Systems

RK Mission Critical provides design, engineering and manufacturing of custom-engineered modular boiler rooms and mobile boiler systems. Solutions are designed and delivered fully functional and “ready to operate” with all of the appropriate certifications, and ready to connect quickly to your facility. The systems and equipment are vendor neutral and can be delivered on trailers, skids or in enclosures according to customer specifications.

Other Custom Engineered Modular Solutions

Modular is our singular focus. RK Mission Critical is equipped to address every modular challenge that any industry can bring us. We collaborate with our customers to develop a strategy that gives them a competitive advantage.

Technical Support and Service

RK Mission Critical provides full life cycle services and support including installation, startup, commissioning and ongoing maintenance.