RK Internship FAQ – DRAFT

RK Internship FAQ – DRAFT

RK Internship FAQ - DRAFT

2019 Summer Internship Program

The RK University Internship Program offers a select group of undergraduate and graduate university students the opportunity to learn the roles and responsibilities of a project team while working at our offices and field sites in Denver and surrounding areas of Colorado. We are looking for talented, motivated students like you who want to learn real-world job skills working on real projects.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When are the start and end dates? 

A: The program starts May 13, 2019 or May 20, 2019 and ends August 2, 2019 or August 9, 2019. Alternative start dates must be discussed prior to acceptance.  

Q: Is training provided? 

A: Yes, interns will complete a three-day training which includes RK’s new hire orientation and safety training, internship and job-specific training, as well as job-site field training. Interns also receive daily on-the-job training from their mentor and team members. 

Q: Is the internship paid? 

A: Yes, the program pays an hourly wage. 

Q: How much will I be working during the week? 

A: Internship program includes 40 work-hours per week, Monday through Friday. Specific hours vary according to the site location. Occasionally, interns may have the opportunity to work overtime. 

Q: Is there a dress code? 

A: Yes, when working in an office setting, interns are expected to dress for a professional work environment. When working in a field setting, interns are expected to wear work boots. All interns will work in both of these capacities and therefore are expected to have the relevant attire. Personal protective equipment (PPE), such as a hard hat, vest, gloves and eye wear, is provided to interns at orientation. 

Q: Do I have to have a car? 

A: No, interns are not required to own cars; however, they must provide their own transportation to and from work. 

Q: Does RK provide housing for interns? 

A: No, interns must make arrangements for their own housing during the internship program. Interns who do not have permanent or temporary housing in Colorado may qualify for housing reimbursement. This must be discussed prior to acceptance. 

Q: Are activities planned for interns? 

A: Yes, RK’s internship team plan various networking and engagement activities throughout the internship. These optional activities include a welcome party, lunch with RK’s CEO, visits to job sites, listening tours with RK’s Vice Presidents, an end-of-summer party, as well as various challenges and opportunities to win prizes along the way. 

RK’s 2018 Summer Interns during Orientation