Our Facilities

Our Facilities

Our Facilities

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Facilities: 24 Acres | 227,000 SF Total | 166,500 SF Fabrication Shops

RK is headquartered in Denver, Colorado and operates two other major locations in Henderson, CO, and Salt Lake City, UT, as well as multiple regional offices.

Our three primary locations offer in-house logistics and transportation, including laydown space for storing materials, as needed. We operate our own fleet to expedite on-site delivery of materials, respond fast in emergency situations and reduce the cost of third-party transportation. Our facilities feature the most advanced fabrication and manufacturing equipment for plumbing and piping fabrication; sheetmetal; structural and miscellaneous steel; and structural and modular fabrication.

Denver Headquarters

  • 16-acre site
  • 100,000 square foot facility
  • 65,000 square feet of fabrication space


  • 7-acre site
  • 110,000 square foot facility
  • 90,000 square feet of fabrication space

Salt Lake City

  • 1.5-acre site
  • 17,000 square foot facility
  • 11,500 square feet of fabrication space


Fabrication Capabilities


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Alloy Fabrication

Our 10,000 square foot clean fabrication space is used for receipt, fabrication, quality control, inspection and packaging for stainless steel and alloy projects. Stainless… 

Integrated Fab2 Bay 4_0_0
Integrated Fabrication

We have 20,000 square feet of fabrication space that includes two bridge cranes with twin 15-ton hoists totaling 120,000 lbs of lift capacity. Flow-through design with twin 18’ x 18’ doors600 amps of 480 volt/3…


We have 30,000 square feet of fabrication space for piping. It’s a fully automated fabrication facility with two 10-ton overhead cranes, multiple 1-ton jib cranes. Vernon MPM Automated Pipe Cutting/Beveling MachineWelding…


We have 25,000 square feet of fabrication space for plumbing. Our plumbing fixture fabrication solutions including restroom groups, shower assemblies, plumbing fixtures, drain assemblies, etc. Copper: Domestic water…

Sheet Metal Shop 03

We have 40,000 square feet of fabrication space for sheetmetal, including 100,000 lbs. per shift per week and a capacity for 15,600,000 lbs. per year. FDA quality stainless steel fabrication capacity…

Structural Shop
Structural Fabrication

We offer 30,000 square feet of fabrication space including two 10-ton overhead cranes, AWS certified welders, saw cutting to 24” CNC, plasma cutting table 14’ wide x 23’ long with a 200 amp plasma torch and 6…


Our in-house transportation department coordinates just-in-time delivery and ensures that our systems and assemblies arrive at the project sites on schedule. This method…