Steel Fabrication Capabilities

Fabrication Capabilities

RK Steel fabricates and installs all types of structural and miscellaneous steel and metal products.

Structural Steel
Embeds / Beams / Columns / Ledger and relief angle / Trusses / Gratings: steel, aluminum, SS and FRP / RTU frames: framing for roof top units / Hoist deck

Miscellaneous Steel
Stair systems / Rail systems: all types, from stair rails and guardrails, egress systems to perimeter fencing / Canopies / Platforms / Catwalks / Mechanical screens / Caged and uncaged ladders / Trench drains / Ledger and relief angle / Safety gates / Pipe support racks / Architectural metals / Custom and exotic metals / Stainless steel and aluminum fabrication / Highly specialized industry-specific products

Seven acres of fabrication facilities.

RK Steel operates out of our 110,000 square-foot Henderson, Colorado facility:

  • 30,000 square feet dedicated to structural fabrication
  • 20,000 square feet of office and operations space
  • 10,000 square feet dedicated to nonferrous metals fabrication
  • Large in-house transportation fleet and major, industry-leading equipment

The best, and latest, equipment.

  • PythonX CNC HD plasma cutting system
  • Vernon (CNC 5-axis tube cutting 3” – 48”)
  • Sub-Arc (Lincoln 600 Amp)
  • Saw (18” Hyde Mechanical Vertical)
  • Plate shear: 1/2 x 12’
  • Brake: 1/2 x 20’
  • CNC plasma on a 14’ x 24’ table
  • Angle, bar and pipe Roll (1/2 x 4 x 4)
  • CNC drill line (Ocean Avenger II x 60-0)
  • 10 and 30 ton overhead cranes
  • Multiple one-ton jib cranes
  • Welding machines (Mig, Tig, FCAW, Orbital, Sub Arc)
  • Certified welders (carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum)
  • Forklifts
  • Paint booth

RK Steel often partners with RK’s other business units, and our combined skill set makes us the region’s most powerful single source for steel fabrication and installation, engineering, mechanical subcontracting, water treatment and facilities maintenance services. If RK Steel can’t do it, one of our partners can.