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RK Energy provided the design, technical review, structural steel fabrication, pipe fabrication, electrical services and assembly for the Whiting Redtail Pipeline Pump Skid. RK partnered with GE Oil and Gas on the project. GE provided the Horizontal Multistage Centrifugal Pumps that were secured onto our modular skid base. As the design-assist partner on the project, […]

Salt Water Disposal Building

RK Steel and RK Energy worked together to fabricate and deliver a paneled, welded, steel building structure for water injection, meeting a tight eight-week delivery timeline. The modular building was configured with a bridge crane, chemical treatment, filters and one multi-stage injection pump, capable of pumping 7,000 BBL/day at 1,300 psi working pressure. The internal piping was fabricated from […]

LACT Skids

RK Steel and RK Energy worked together to fabricate and install multiple Lease Automatic Custody Transfer (LACT) skid buildings for a Rocky Mountain oil and gas client. LACT skid systems are critical in the transfer of crude oil and petroleum products from the production site to trucks, pipelines and storage tanks. RK Energy’s prefabrication and just-in-time delivery accelerated the client’s schedule, […]

Pig Launchers and Receivers

RK Energy fabricated and transported a fleet of pig launchers and receivers for a North Dakota oil and gas customer. These components are installed on pipelines to safely and effectively launch and remove “pigs,” which are responsible for cleaning and maintaining the pipeline. RK Energy completed the order according to a demanding schedule and exceeded client expectations […]

Joules Thompson (JT)

The skid prepares upstream gas for processing downstream according to the following process: Gas enters the system through the tube of the exchanger. Once in the exchanger, the warm natural gas is cooled by passing through the cold liquid gas exiting the skid. The gas leaving the gas/liquid exchanger flows through the tube of the […]

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