Project Manager Training Program

Project Manager Training Program

The Project Manager Training Program is offered through RK University for up-and-coming project managers and project engineers. The goal is to advance their career development through knowledge and hands-on training while educating them about the position’s responsibilities and success metrics. This program is taught by our expert in-house instructors and allows successful project managers and engineers to fast-track their careers within RK.

Participants move progressively through four semesters of learning over two years:

  • Each semester (levels 100, 200, 300 and 400) include 12-14 study modules
  • Each study module includes 2-4 hours of class time at RK
  • Participants take a final exam for each semester before moving up to the next level
  • Participants earn a Certificate of Completion for each semester
  • There are test-out options for some technical trainings
  • Participants earn a Certificate of Completion for the entire two-year program

RK supports cross-training, so when space is available, anyone may attend, although unrelated positions are not eligible for certification.