Why Modular?


Why is Prefabricated Construction a Growing Trend? 

Modular construction and prefabricated construction are terms that refer to a process in which products are constructed off-site in a controlled fabrication facility and then quickly assembled on-site at the customer’s location.

Our specialty is sophisticated prefabricated construction solutions that use the same materials, and are designed to the same standards as products that are built on-site, in the conventional way. We can build-out existing space or manage new construction. Benefits include:

Faster Speed-to-Market

  • In the past, your site had to be ready before construction could start. RK Mission Critical fabricates your building in our facility simultaneously during your site work, so, on average, our prefabrication process results in completion in half the time of traditional construction.
  • Delays due to bad weather are minimized because most of the construction is done inside our facility.
  • Earlier occupancy means faster speed-to-market for your business operations.

Excellent Quality and Stronger ROI

  • Prefabricated facilities are built with the same materials and to the same building standards as traditional construction, but with the advantage of being completed much faster.
  • Once assembled, your facility will look and feel just like a traditional on-site constructed building.
  • Prefabricated facilities, designed to optimize available space, can lower your initial capital expense and offer financial benefits.

We can prefabricate facilities for other environments, including retail, commercial and warehouse applications.

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