RK Mission Critical: Prefabricated Construction Solutions

RK Mission Critical is a top data center construction company for prefabricated modular data center solutions. We design and construct off-site manufactured facilities and skidded equipment for other industries, including agriculture grow facilities, retail space and more.

We can construct all types of energy-efficient facilities off-site, in our quality-controlled fabrication shop. Once the major components of a facility are constructed, they are quickly assembled into a fully functional facility at the customer’s site. Our method not only accelerates the construction schedule, but offers financial benefits, including faster depreciation, over traditional construction.

This scalable construction model preserves capital by limiting construction to only the space needed now—with the ability to expand, either the entire exterior facility, or an indoor warehouse—as you need it.

Contact us for a free consultation on the benefits of prefabricated construction: rkmissioncritical@rkmi.com.

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