Field Manager Development

Field Manager Program

Field Manager Development is offered through RK University and is designed to develop apprentices to the role of General Superintendent 1. This hands-on long-term program focuses on improving leadership skills. Employees must be nominated by designated personnel in order to enroll. Participants are reviewed quarterly and competency gaps, as well as continuous improvement, are monitored.

This in-depth program develops many skills sets over time:

  • Gain an understanding of field manager career paths
  • Strengthen trade skills in plumbing, heating/cooling systems and sheet metal
  • Learn blueprint reading, QMS, SMS and material take-off skills
  • Build field support skills: materials handling, underground, sleeves and hangers, etc.
  • Develop project lead training capabilities: time management, computer skills, documentation skills, field manager training
  • Cultivate project management skills: planning, procurement, productivity, billings

Progressive courses are available throughout much of the participant’s career path. Most courses are available in both classroom and online formats. It’s the best way to learn while you earn!