RK Mechanical’s leadership team is made up of the industry’s most experienced experts, who are responsible for fueling the high-energy culture and charting our corporate future. Strong leadership is one of the cornerstones supporting our sustained success.

  • Ron Kinning: Chairman Emeritus
  • Rick Kinning: Chairman and CEO
  • Jon Kinning: Chief Operating Officer
  • Dave Albertsen: Vice President | Operations
  • Brandon Evans: Vice President | Corporate Resource Management
  • Ian Welsh: Vice President of Corporate Development
  • Donnie Hirschfield: Vice President | RK Specialties
  • Marc Paolicelli: Vice President Corporate Business Development
  • Jeff Gucker: Vice President | Service and Water Conditioning
  • Chad Bakken: CFO & Vice President | Finance
  • Rob Marceau: Vice President | Operations
  • Luke Chambers: Vice President | Operations